The information provided here on my website is very basic, and is intended to act as a "brochure" only.  The creation of an icon according to the principles and techniques I practice by is an involved process often demanding a legion of man hours utilizing varied materials, and each project is different.

If you are interested in a potential commission, the best way to understand this process, and to have your own sacred vision realized to the fullest, is to contact me directly so that your questions and desires can be addressed completely.

I prefer not to address questions of cost or subject matter using generalizations..."How much for an icon of the Goddess Isis?"  Desired materials, size, level of detail and intricacy, together with the amount of time I need to spend on a commission are all significant factors that go into the making of a project, and these need to be approached individually.

Please contact my studio if you are serious about commissioning and are prepared to properly communicate what it is you are interested in.

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The cost of an icon commission can vary considerably, depending upon the materials desired/ required, the complexity of the image, and the amount of man hours required to complete the commission; however, the average price per panel is roughly $2,500.00- $5,000.00 (USD) on the low end, and $5,500.00- $9,000.00 (USD) on the high end.

Most of the icons I am commissioned to create use semi-precious and precious materials, including pure gold and stones such as lapis lazuli, ruby, opal and amethyst.  Precious genuine mineral pigments- the finest in the world- are used for coloration.  The cost of such materials certainly impacts the pricing of each icon.

My icons are crafted on a sacred lunar cycle, with the blessing of the "raw" panel taking place at the time of the New Moon, and the consecration of the completed icon panel taking place on the day of Full Moon.

The average time required for the completion of an icon panel is approximately 6 to 8 weeks, though more man hours than this may be called for depending upon the complexity of the image and the materials being used.

Pricing & timing

My standards as a craftsman and  my guarantee to my clients:

  • I use only materials of the highest industry standards
  • Only lightfast, permanent pigments
  • Framing moldings, mats and glass are 100% archival, museum conservation quality
  • Completely unique.  These are not copies or replicas of antique images, and no two icons are ever the same.

My icons, while adhering to traditional modes of representation and symbolism, and thereby remaining faithful to the spirit of their cultural roots, are never direct copies of any historical image, but are instead wholly unique images crafted for individual patrons.

My personal mission as a craftsman of icons is not to copy the work of the ancient temple artisans verbatim, but to evoke the spirit of those craftsmen who made precious bodies for living gods.  The Gods I paint are alive in their creation, and continue to reach out to and inspire those who seek to listen.

  • Sublime craftsmanship
  • Precious materials
  • Bespoke heirlooms

My goal as an iconographer is to use my 30 years of painting experience to craft one-of-a-kind sacred masterpieces to honor the Gods.

In offering my skills to a patron or client, my sole mission is to create a unique image of exceptional aesthetic and spiritual beauty as a focal point for prayer, ritual, meditation and sacred observances.

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