Images for eternity

Icons of kemet

Equal care is taken in the shipping of these sacred treasures.  My icons are shipped using deluxe artwork shipping containers, which provide heavy duty construction that "floats" the framed icon between thick pads of foam, and are plastic- lined on both top and bottom to prevent punctures.  I ship my icons with full insurance and tracking, and am more than happy to ship internationally.   


An icon is not a standard work of art, and because of its use in environments where candle smoke and incense will most probably be present, all of my icons are preserved behind Museum Glass®, offering not only protection from smoke or various environmental contaminants, but also 99% UV protection.  Museum Glass® is also highly non-reflective/ glare resistant, which means that your icon will remain crystal clear behind its protective glass framing.

Each icon is also ornamented with acid-free museum conservation-quality mats, each individually selected in the rich tones of the Egyptian palette to compliment the vibrant pigments of the icon.

In my desire to support local, independent businesses as much as possible, all of my icons are framed by the professionals at Nevada Fine Arts of Reno, Nevada.

Each aspect of the icon creation process is considered with the utmost care, and this includes the conservation and display of the icon as a sacred relic.  It is very important to me that each icon I produce is preserved using the appropriate archival and conservation techniques, right down to the mats, glass and frame moldings used for display.

  • I do not offer unframed icon panels.

Framing a Piece of Heaven