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Akem-Shield of Sobek-Ra
Lord of Terror

2019. Genuine semi-precious mineral pigments, 22kt gold, 23kt gold, platinum, copper, semi-precious & precious stones, Austrian lead crystal on 5"x7" museum conservation wood panel

The Aegis of Sobek-Ra Lord of Terror embodies the dichotomy that accompanies this powerful Netjer. On one hand He is a manifestation of the burning, punishing, and all-consuming fire of the Creator Ra, a warlike deity possessing a severe disposition; but on the other, He is a passionately procreative and protective deity aligned with the powers of sexual fecundity, fruitfulness of the earth and its vegetation, and abundance of the river. On the one hand He is fire and burning sky, and on the other He is water and riparian land. Sobek-Ra is a primordial deity linked with the dual natures of both fire and water: (of fire) warming, life-affirming, and life-sustaining, and yet wholly destructive when left unchecked or unattended; and (of water), the vital component of existence that feeds and nourishes all life upon the earth, and yet floods and rages, taking life in a violent instant. As Lord of the River (neb ateruw), Sobek manifests in its most dangerous predator, the crocodile (Crocodilus niloticus), taking sovereignty over all the denizens of the water, and controlling the very height and flow of the river itself. Such influence extends to all that the river touches, its flora and fauna, and human life when it enters the scope of the river. Lord Sobek, then, is the severe controller of life and death, choosing what grows and thrives, and what must perish as part of the cyclical nature of all material life.

Sobek the Lord of Terror,
The glittering crocodile….
Sobek-Ra the dazzling
Comes bringing the Wedjat Eye
Of terrible powers.
He brings the terror of Ra;
He brings the whole power
Of the Wedjat Eye, the Lord of Healing
In the turquoise-green sky.
Come O Sobek of green plumes,
Carnelian-eyed, Lord of Bakhu,
The Beloved of Ra!
O falcon, O crocodile, sharp-clawed,
Ptah-Tatenen of the Mound,
Master of His semen, the bull, the fecund!

– From the Litany of Sobek in the Book of the Guild by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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