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The Highly Anticipated Book Has Arrived

"I am invested with a door in the sky, opening for my shadow as the Sun casts its magic. Before it stands yesterday and behind it tomorrow, roaring the future like twin lions in the veil. These are the prophecies of flesh and their Spirit, both walking on through the passage death keeps. I have not averted my path from Spirit’s journey, but have walked toward that door with its messages in me. They now speak through the door to the world in my wake".


(40: Invested with a Door in the Sky)


This is a book about death and darkness, about stagnation and decay, about wading through the mud of grasping and desire, about being stripped of one's flesh and illusions, about the process of deconstructing our mortality. It is also a book about life and illumination, discovering in one's deepest desires the path to liberation, finding the Gods as the ultimate reality, a reality in which death and decay are the building blocks for immortality. In short, this is a book about initiation, the psychospiritual process of connecting the adept to personal gnosis. Personal gnosis cannot be arrived at through the cerebral faculties alone, it must arise through an immediate and personal spiritual experience through which one becomes aware of one's relationship to the Sacred. This is a dangerous process, and one our ego will resist with all its might.

Sacred Verses is a set of mystical poems I composed before the sun rose each morning and the need for more sleep still tugged at my eyelids. These are memories rising from dreams occurring in the sleep state, where the Gods and Holy Powers hold sway, and where the initiate is drawn into the darkness from whence we came.


Sacred Verses is a gathering of magical utterances that pair with the construction of a practice in which workings become the activities of the adept and the Gods coming together for the purpose of co-creation. The adept walks with the Gods, works for the Gods, becoming the hands and feet of the Holy Powers in the material world.

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