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Wyrd Twine’s Sacred Verses Experience


“If you come here,

You come to the beginning.

Naked, stripped of all your world’s impositions,

You receive the inheritance of the All,

the Gods, the Spirits, the Ancestors and their kin.

These are the constellations dwelling

in the heaven of creation,

embraced by Memory,

beneath the roots of all the worlds.”

-pg 41, 6: Under the World Tree


In a hotel room, I lay naked, my hands still cold from the sacrifice I gave to my Gods. The eyes of Urd were intense and Her gaze still lingers even now as I type this. Nearby on a couch was a book. It had arrived right when I was preparing for the hotel stay and ritual. Its timing could not have been more perfect. I knew my beloved Goddesses wanted this book to be with me, that my journey and path will be similar to what is inside.

Sacred Verses: Entering the Labyrinth of the Gods by Ptahmassu K.M. Nofra-Uaa is a book that- like the sacred art he helps birth- puts one in the presence of the Gods. For me, I can tell it will be a companion in my own birthing and shaping that my Gods have offered me. As of now, I’m not allowed to read too far. I am suppose to read it at Their pace and urging. Anytime I try, I become unfocused and not able to comprehend what is being said. The verses are meant to be contemplated, and you can’t rush a birthing experience. I find that I cannot describe the meaning of the passages I have read in words. The layers of meaning are understood in my mind by the visualizations they produce. I experience so vividly what is described by the masterful use of prose used in the book. Maybe others will find those words I so lack?

Sacred Verses lends itself well to bibliomancy and support to divination readings. My tarot readings are now more free form than specific spreads. I try to let my Gods or Ancestors guide my hands in the choosing of the cards and where they are placed. At my previous tarot reading, I felt a push or urge to open the book after I had written down the messages from the cards. I was guided to read where I had left off last time, but to connect what I read with the messages I received. Chapter 5 The Eternal Twining is what I read, and a particular passage stood out to me at the time.


“This is the song of a soul in flight from confinement.

Though do we know how we are confined,

until the moment of our release?”


It felt as if the whole reading was summed up in these lines. It was clarification and a question my Gods have given me to answer.

I don’t have a specific method to offer on using the book for divination. The only advice I have is let your Gods and Ancestors guide you. I find They guide me better than anything I could do on my own. So do what you find is right for you. I am thankful to the Gods and to Ptahmassu for this book. I hope that my experience will be of some help to you who are reading this. @WyrdTwine

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