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In early September of 2002 I received a letter from Lady Loreon Vigné. She had been discussing the matter of my ordination with Priestess of Isis de Traci Regula, who agreed with her that it was high time for me to make the physical journey to Isis Oasis Sanctuary in order to be legally consecrated as a Priest of Isis in Temple of Isis California. Over the years, Lady Loreon and I had tried to plot or plan my "homecoming" to Isis Oasis for my ordination, however, each and every time we attempted to make it happen, some circumstance always got in the way and prevented me from traveling. The idea had been put on the back burner for some time, as Loreon had her hands constantly overburdened with the work of overseeing the 10 acres that were home to the volunteers, animals, lodging, and unique structures that made up Isis Oasis Sanctuary and Retreat Center. But things were looking promising in 2002 when Loreon wrote to me inquiring about the possibility of my being able to attend that year's Convocation of the Temple and Fellowship of Isis in October.

Finally, after having been first initiated into the Isis Society For Inspirational Studies in 1985, and building a very intimate relationship with the dazzlingly eccentric Arch Priestess of Isis who was responsible for the existence of the Temple of Isis California and Isis Oasis Sanctuary, Brent and I landed at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California on Friday, October 11, 2002, the two year anniversary of the day we had our fateful meeting.

It was on Sunday October 13, 2002 that Brent and I were ordained together as Priests of the Goddess Isis under the 500-year-old Douglas fir that acts as a living and energetic centerpiece of Isis Oasis Sanctuary. We were sponsored, of course, by Lady Loreon Vigné, but performing the physical anointment, crowning and consecration was Lady Olivia Robertson, who ordained Brent and me into the Fellowship of Isis as Priests of the Goddesses Isis-Wadjet and Isis-Sekhmet respectively. When asked to address the gathering of our peers in order to give our first official blessing as Priests, and to describe the work we would do in the name of the Great Goddess Isis, Brent and I both described our mission as being one of non-violence, inter-religious dialogue, and a return to the original ancient Egyptian rites of the temples of the Old Gods.

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